Customer Consulting

Your needs represent our starting point: reduce your cost, improve your process, enhance both product quality and supply chain.

With Fasteners Engineering we supply solutions and we support you with our partnership.

With our wide experience and knowledge acquired in different business fields like, manufacturing industry, farm business, construction, renewable energy, automotive. we are able to manage a wide range of requirements and needs. Our partnerships are worldwide; we have collected experiences in Asia, Europe with advanced production technologies. One of our competitive advantages is the stable and the strong relationships with our partners due a long and reliable collaboration. Thank to these strong relationships the risk to have a problem is reduced while the whole chain can react faster.

With our technical and logistic advices, deriving from a long experience where we lived the passage from a manual management to a complete automatic management, we are able to reduce your total direct and indirect costs of yours “Fastener’s core products”, being your partner in outsourcing, quality and supply chain.

We propose Supply chain solutions using for example the “Kanban system” and various kit for sorting out workflow and process issues.

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