Who we are

Fasteners Engineering

Fasteners Engineering is a global organization, leader in the sale of mechanical fastening parts, intended for industrial applications with high engineering content. Fasteners Engineering establishes deep collaborations with its customers and contributes to the success of their products, providing qualitatively and technologically advanced solutions to meet the most complex production needs.

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Our values

Centrality of the customer

Fasteners Engineering aims to build solid and lasting partnerships with the customer, with the aim of making them more competitive on the market. He puts his knowledge at their service and improves more and more with partners to add value to that of customers.


Fasteners Engineering has the flexibility of its partner’s structure, the ability to produce even in small and medium quantities by adopting the technologies that are normally intended for large series, therefore it is oriented towards full customer satisfaction.

Technology and productivity

Fasteners Engineering is a qualified organization at European level in the choice of its partners for the production of special and non-special screws, which produces according to the customer’s design, giving the widest advice with its engineering team, producing samples and having the production delivered directly to its own customers.Control of the product from raw material to finished product.

Our history

A thirty-year passion, born in the nineties, handed down from father to son, in collaboration with one of the major European leading producers, and consolidated over time. Over the years, the scenarios are transformed, the challenges and objectives evolve, and a new project comes to life. A group of farsighted, motivated young people with brilliant ideas, backed by a consolidated experience, whose legacy represents a precious guide in the world of Fasteners. Currently, our strength lies in the ability to offer our costumers a 360 degree consultancy service and a selected staff. We boast a relationship of deep trust and synergy with partners, and we guarantee customers a service of safe quality and excellence.

fasteners engineering who we are our history