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We offer high-strength fastening bolts, intended for the structural placement of steel works.

Custom products

We supply special items based on the customer’s design on request for non-standard screws and bolts.

Manufacturing industry

We offer products that, in a single piece, guarantee the fulfillment of multiple functions.

Get to know our company

Fasteners Engineering is a global organization, leader in the sale of mechanical fastening parts, intended for industrial applications with high engineering content.
FASTENERS who we are

Fasteners Value Engineering

If you need design advice, help choosing the right technology or assistance in reviewing an existing design for cost efficiency and quality, fasteners engineering has the solution for you.

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Logistic Supplement

Fasteners Engineering has several logistics platforms both in Italy and in Europe.

The warehouses are connected by an efficient logistical flow, which allows us to minimize logistics costs and reduce handling.

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Professional Services

We base our solutions on decades of experience with very demanding customers, as well as on our internal and external collaborators with the backing of experts in the technological areas of production.


Locations and logistic points


Sectors of application


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We are focused on providing excellent products and services


Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal


We listen to our customers and develop a close collaboration relationship


We deliver to our customers wherever they are


Total Quality is our way of working

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  • Automotive
  • Buildings
  • Renewable energies

Logistic points

Unified materials 8.8 10.9 stainless steel

ISO 15048 SB structural bolts

Anchors - chemical anchors - rivets

EN 14399 high strength structural bolts

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